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Religious Marriage in Bali

Religious Wedding is a part of the Legal Wedding Process. It is must be conducted before the civil wedding take place.

All nationalities may marry legally in Indonesia as long as they hold religion recognized by the Indonesian Government (Moslem, Hindu, Buddhist, or Christian Protestant, Catholic), single or divorced, have reach maturity age to marriage, and have legal papers. A marriage certificate will be issued by the religion officiant.

Couples should hold the same religion
Based on Indonesian Marriage Law No.1 of 1974 concerning, both parties must hold the same religion, If not, bride or groom should make a statement letter that he or she intends to marry in one of the religion they agreed without force from other party or his/ her partner; the letter should be legalize by the consulate office or local government.

Moslem Weddings
Moslem weddings are conducted by the Office of Religious Affairs (KUA) in a Mosque, residence, etc, which will issue a Marriage Books (Buku Nikah), one book for the wife and one for the husband as written evidence. It is not necessary to register at the Civil Registry Office (Kantor Catatan Sipil). A marriage certificate issued by the Civil Registry Office is needed if the couples live in other Country.

Christian, Catholic, Hindu and Buddhist Weddings
Christian, Hindu, and Buddhist marriages (non Moslem), couples should submit a Notice of Intention to Marriage to the Civil Registry Office at least 2 weeks prior to the wedding. The marriage will become legal after it is registered at the Civil Registry Office after the ceremony in the church, temple, etc. Generally these are the major important papers needed for the registration:

Notes: Catholic church only allows wedding ceremony to be held at churches.

  1. the originals and a photocopy of passports or KTP (Indonesian ID card),
  2. birth certificates,
  3. marriage certificate (if divorced),
  4. proof of dissolution of previous marriage (if any),
  5. eight photos (4 x 6 cm) of the couple (groom on the right side of the bride),
  6. Letter of No Impediment from Consulate General

In such cases other documents might be requested, please consult with us or your religious officiant.

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The link below provides you with idea of each religion to conduct the wedding, including the liturgy.

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