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Vow Renewal in Bali

What is a wedding vow renewal? It is an informal ceremony usually to celebrate the wedding anniversary and following with a second honeymoon. Bali is a romantic place for vow renewal venue, the beautiful sceneries and unique culture will be an unforgettable memories.

There are some reasons you might consider for vow renewal:

  • Wedding anniversary celebrations
  • Had religiously married before and now want to follow the legal marriage
  • Re-united after divorced
  • Want to “I-do” over again in front of important guests or family members that couldn’t present in your real wedding.
  • You’ve “rocks and storms” in your marriage and want to refresh and save your marriage.
  • You only have limited budget on your real wedding and now have enough budget to celebrate it with better arrangement

Vow renewal ceremony usually conduct by an officiant/ priest (if requested) or a senior family member. The ceremony is informal so basically it consists of opening speech by officiant/ priest or senior family member, a brief explanation from yourself regarding the intention of your vow renewal, reaffirm the wedding commitment “I-do”, simple blessing and exchange rings (if needed), closing and usually following by a reception.

The decoration, entertainment and reception for vow renewal is likely the same with wedding ceremony and could be simple and informal depends on what you wish and your budget.

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