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Balinese Hindu Wedding Ceremony in Bali

Balinese Hindu wedding ceremony or Pawiwahan is a sacred wedding ritual and consists of series of ceremonies that should be followed. Couple who want to marry in Full Legal Balinese Hindu ceremony should prepare themselves to hold Hindu religion by entering Sudi Wadani ceremony and declared in the paper that you intended to hold Hindu religion without force from other party.

If you don’t want yourselves bind in to Hindu religion, you may consider a Balinese wedding theme ceremony (Hindu blessing wedding ceremony) instead of Hindu religious wedding. In Balinese wedding theme ceremony you can dress up in Balinese traditional wedding costume also entertained by Balinese dances and traditional music. A simple blessing by Hindu Priest (Pemangku) is also available if needed.

Please also aware that Balinese Hindu wedding ceremony is different from Indian Hinduism wedding ceremony. The same like other religious marriage, Hindu marriage needs to be registered at the Civil Office Registry to get legalization.

The information below will help you to learn about the Balinese Hindu marriage procession in brief:
Bride and groom have to stay in hide away place for about three days and the priest (Pemangku) will conduct a ceremony to legitimately their marriage in Hindu. This procession usually conducts between the internal families only.

On the wedding day, the main wedding ceremony (Pawiwahan) held at the groom’s Sanggah Kemulan (family ancestor house-shrine). This ceremony is to convey to the family ancestors who live in the house-shrine that there will be a newlywed couple join the family member and continue to deliver their descendants. The whole family members from the groom and bride shall attend the ceremony.

This ceremony will continue with other ceremony called Mepamit (farewell) which will be held at the bride’s house-shrine. The meaning of this ceremony is to farewell to the family ancestors because she is a married person and belongs to her husband’s family responsibility.

The wedding reception will be carried out after the ceremony at the same place or in a hotel, restaurant or villa.

All the costs and fees for the wedding and farewell ceremony usually borne by the groom’s family. In Balinese tradition, the guests bring offerings, presents or money in an envelope for the newlywed.

These are major document requirements:
1.         Copy of passports
2.         Copy of birth certificates
3.         Copy of decree absolute if divorced
4.         Widower must present a copy of death certificate of the former spouse (bride)
5.         Copy of passport two witnesses (we can provide the witnesses if required)
6.         Permit letter from the related consulate
7.         Statement letter that bride and groom are intended to get married in Hindu religion and to hold Hindu religion without force from other parties (For Full Legal Wedding in Hindu only).
8.         4 (four) pieces of photograph size 4 x 6 side by side in color (the groom should be on the right hand side of the bride).

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