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Moslem Wedding Ceremony in Bali

Moslem marriage is a simple wedding procession, it is not too complicated as long as the requirements are complete.

The procession conducts by a Moslem officiant or called “Penghulu” in a Mosque or other place agreed by both parties. A few months or at least two weeks before the wedding ceremony date, the couples should register themselves and submit the papers to the Office of Religious Affairs/ KUA (Kantor Urusan Agama).

Couples should also prepare marriage offering guarantee (mahar or mas kawin), which will be provided by the groom. The marriage offering guarantee may in form of jewelry set, sum of money, or a set of praying costume and a Holy Al Qur’an or other things. The marriage offering guarantee (mahar or mas kawin) as a guarantee of spiritual support and responsibility of the groom to marry the bride and give her happiness, spiritual support and prosperity as long as their marriage lives.

The bride needs to be accompanied and lead by a male proxy or protectorate from her family member, the most suitable person is her father, her uncle or brother who is also a Moslem.

Witnesses are also needed during the procession; for couples below 21 years old should be witnessed by their parents and have their permits in papers. The witnesses should hold the same religion Moslem.

The Procession
The officiant will introduce himself and the bride and groom to the guests at the beginning of the ceremony, then has a few words about the marriage intention and advices. He will ask if the bride and groom love and like each other and no one force them to marriage and no one have objection for them to get married. He will then said the two sentences of Syahadat to be followed said by the bride and groom and Ijab Qobul (the commitment words “I accept the marriage of …”) by bride and groom. Following by exchange rings and the bride and groom will sign and given their marriage books (buku nikah).

If you married in Moslem, you will not need to register your marriage in Civil Registry Office (Kantor Catatan Sipil) as Moslem marriage is legalized automatically by the Indonesian government. However if you want to move to other country which require marriage certificate legalized by their law, you may register your marriage at the Civil Registry Office or translate the marriage books and legalize it at the Public Notary and submit it to the related Consulate Office.
Major documents required for Moslem Wedding:

- Copy of passports
- Copy of birth certificates 
- Copy of passport of two witnesses which is should be Moslem too
- Copy of death or divorce certificate for widower
- Wali nikah/ Proxy of Bride's family to lead the ceremony
- 4 pieces of photograph size 2cm x 3cm and 4cm x 3cm (both parties)
- Letter of No Impediment to marriage from your consulate in Bali/ Indonesia

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