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Garden Wedding Ceremony at Ubud Hanging Garden Bali

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Wedding Packages in Bali

Bali is one of the perfect island wedding destination. Since it is located in the tropical area and surrounded by the sea with mountains in the center, you have abudance of themes to choose; just pick which one of them you are dreaming of; from the beach to cruise and dive, from elephant park to horseback riding in the tropical surrounding, from simple hotel to private luxury villas, just mention it.

We have categorize some of them;

Beach Wedding
There are several beaches in the southern part of Bali which often use as wedding venue. Not only because they offer romantic sunset moment, but also the facilities and easy access to it.

Cruise Wedding
A sea lover and want to say the wedding vow on the ocean in the romantic sunset? This is one of the perfect choice. There are several catamarans and floating boats which are available for this service.

Chapel Wedding
Another alternative of Church venue, there are now several chapels build in the resort which can be used to conduct your wedding ceremony in Bali. Many of them offer dramatic view of the Indian ocean complete with the sea breeze.

Church Wedding
Feel the sacred moment in your big day in Bali. Church wedding service is mostly conducted in Nusa Dua Church for Catholic and Protestant. But there are several other churches as alternative.

Extra Ordinary Wedding
If you feel something different for your wedding, find out what you can select in Bali. The options are elephant park, horseback riding park, river rafting, diving or snorkeling, helicopter service, jungle wedding and several more. Let us know your dream wedding in Bali.

Garden Wedding
This idea is to bring you to the lush tropical atmosphere. This may take place in a botanical garden or by the lake.

Hotel Wedding
The easy way to conduct your wedding is in your hotel. But please also consider the minimum stay to use the wedding facilities e.g. the pavillion, reception, etc.

Restaurant Wedding
Some restaurants offer themselves for wedding venue, either in their public beach, in their garden or hall. Please also remember that they offer the catering service as the benefit.

Royal Balinese Wedding
We can categorize this into at least three types; Balinese blessing by Pedanda, wedding in local house or wedding in local palace.

Villa Wedding
It is one of the most selected type of wedding that people love today. In your private villa, not only to enjoy the privacy and comfort of home, but arrangement usually can be more flexible. Please consider as well the minimum stay, and other additional cost that may occur.

For further information about our Bali Wedding Packages, please contact us at info@baliweddingassistant.com or use our pre-wedding inquiry form where you can customize all your wedding inquiry.

Bali Wedding Assistant Team