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Royal Balinese Wedding in Bali

There are two types of Balinese wedding theme, first the simple or regular Balinese wedding and the Royal Balinese wedding. The Royal Balinese wedding theme is inspired by the Royal Balinese wedding conducted by the royal society in a Puri (royal palace). Feel like a Balinese king and queen in your special wedding day. The simple or regular Balinese wedding theme is as simple as dressed up in regular Balinese wedding costume, entertained by Balinese dances and music, etc.

The Royal Balinese wedding ceremony will take place in a Puri and you will dress up like Balinese king and queen. If you prefer to stay in your religion (instead of bind in Hindu religion), you may carry out a simple blessing by a Hindu priest (Pemangku) as Balinese tradition; but this will not bind you legally marriage.

The procession in brief starts with the Balinese Hindu or your own religion wedding procession. If you’re not Balinese Hindu and wish your marriage in Balinese Hindu religion; you will need to enter Sudi Wadani ceremony. This ceremony will conform and declare you as Balinese Hindu. If you don’t want yourselves bind in to religion wedding ceremony, then a simple blessing by Hindu priest (Pemangku) will be sufficient as a tradition only (once again this will not legalize you as marriage couple).

After the ceremony you will bring to the Puri and there you dress up in royal Balinese wedding attire. A royal horse chart including a baleganjur (Balinese traditional music parade) is waiting for you to carry you along the street surrounding the Puri and back to Puri again. There is a royal podium or stage prepared for your seat accompanied by bridesmaid in traditional Balinese costume, and then you and your guests will be entertained by some Balinese dances and music. A reception is also prepared at the same area or in the open garden; the menu depends on your choice western or Balinese menu. It is a very unique experience right? Be a king and queen on your memorable wedding day.

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