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Catholic Wedding Ceremony in Bali

Notes: Catholic church only allows wedding ceremony to be held at churches.

The Roman Catholic wedding is a sacrament of matrimony; the ceremony consists of at least biblical readings, the exchange of vows, the rings blessing, prayer of the Faithful, the nuptial blessing, continue with a communion sacrament then closing with prayers and appropriate music. Usually a few days or a week before the ceremony, the couples should take a sacrament of confession/ reconciliation with the priest.

The marriage ceremony usually takes place in a Church with a nuptial mass, and may be attended with the family members and colleagues

Exceptional days for the wedding schedules are 40 days before Easter including Holy Thursday, Good Friday or Holy Saturday, Easter Sunday and 40 days before Christmas including Christmas eve.

The Processional
The procession starts with the priest greets the bride and groom at the church entrance and then lead them and their attendants to the altar; accompanist on wedding music or song. The processional might starts with the cross bearer, the groom processes in with his parents; and the bride with her parents. 

According to tradition the bride usually processes with her father only, he will escort her on his right arm along the aisle to the altar. When he gives her hand to the groom, he then steps back and joins his wife in the first pew. If the bride has no one for the escort, she may walk through the aisle alone.

The Ceremony
After entry into the church, priest will greet to the bride and groom and to the attendants and then followed by an opening prayer. The liturgy of the word includes readings from the Old and New Testaments, a re-sponsorial psalm, the "alleluia" before the Gospel, and a Gospel reading. The selections may be read by the priest or by honored members of the wedding party; then continued with the wedding theme homily.

The procession followed by the exchange of rings and exchange of vows. The best man who bring the rings, gives the bride's ring to the priest for blessing and then forwarded it to the groom, the groom put the ring on the bride's finger. The blessing will be repeated to the groom’s ring, and then the bride will put the ring on the groom’s finger. This ring blessing usually continues with praying to the Mother Mary, the bride and groom will present flower bouquet to Mother Mary. The general intercession will be followed and include the couple’s personal prayer.

Then the procession continues to the sacred liturgy of Eucharist. The servers will start preparing the gifts to the altar and the prayer over the Offerings. After the Offerings the priest starts the Eucharist prayer; continue with the Communion rite, The Lord’s prayer and the rite of peace. The fraction and Communion will be followed then. The Eucharist service ends with a conclusion prayer, blessing and dismissal.

The conclusion of a wedding without Mass is the Lord's Prayer and a Blessing.

The music in Catholic wedding ceremony in church should be sacred or classical religious music to express the gift of faith. Music may be performed by an organist/ pianist and church choir or from a CD.

The Unity candle is discouraged by Catholic Church (but parish priest might have suggestion on this). The candle’s text symbol is a faulty symbolism within the ceremony.

Flowers are part of the wedding ceremony that cherished the celebration. Flowers decorations are permitted inside the Church.

Gifts and Fees
Fees or offerings may be requested for the use of the Church facilities; it is just for the institutional of the Church and worship.

The bride and groom are also suggested to provide gifts to the Church servers and altar boys. Fees for the organist/ pianist and choirs are the bride and groom responsibility.

These are the major document requirements:

  • Copy of passports
  • Copy of birth certificates
  • Copy of baptize certificates
  • Widower must present a copy of death certificate of the former spouse (bride)
  • Copy of passport two witnesses (we can provide the witnesses if required)
  • Permit letter from the related consulate
  • Statement letter that bride and groom (for non Catholic couples) are intended to get married in Catholic religion and to hold Catholic religion without force from other parties
  • 4 (four) pieces of photograph size 4 x 6 side by side in color (the groom should be on the right hand side of the bride)
  • Reference letter as being single (unmarried) from the local government/consulate office and the parish Church (bride/groom’s home country Church)
  • Marriage course certificate of completion issued by the parish Church. Usually the marriage course is carried out at the bride groom’s home country a few weeks before the wedding day
  • Delegation letter from parish Church (bride/ groom’s home country Church) to the appointed Church in Bali

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